About us

WayWord WordSmiths Co. Is a production company that focuses on light, harmless, and inclusionary comedy. WayWord WordSmiths Co. currently has two youtube series in preproduction and four podcasts on iTunes:Elevator PitchPositive and NegativeBlank History Month, and Amateur Detective Club.

In Elevator Pitch Miles Neuvirth and Tristan Miller compete to improvise the best fake movie and is released every Friday.

In Positive and Negative Tristan Miller leads a discussion about mental health and it’s correlation to the artistic temperament and is released every other Thursday.

Blank History Month is a comedic podcast wherein Bridget Cosgrove and Tristan Miller explore a period of history for a month and is released every Wednesday.

Amateur Detective club is a mystery media review show wherein Tristan Miller, Melissa Meli, and Miles Neuvirth discuss their favourite murder mysteries! Comes out most Mondays.

Anime-Zing Podcast is podcast wherein Christina Tucker and Tristan Miller explore the amazing world of anime! Anime-Zing comes out every Saturday.

WayWord WordSmiths Co. Was founded in 2011 with it’s first show The Storybook Guide to Zombie Survival. Which won the Fringe Hangover Award that year at the Kansas City Fringe Festival.
It’s founding members are Miles Neuvirth and Tristan Miller. You can find their individual information at www.milesneuvirth.comand www.tristanjmiller.com respectively.